Fargo Persona M30

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Spesifikasi Fargo Persona M30

Printer Aplikasi Fargo Persona M30

Single- and Dual-Sided Monochrome ID Card Printer.

The Persona M30 ID Card Printer is designed to personalize plastic cards with monochrome text, photos or bar codes, quickly and economically. The M30 delivers sharp, monochrome printing on durable plastic ID cards for hundreds of applications, such as membership, customer loyalty cards, visitor badges, bank cards and more. The Persona M30's easy-loading, all-in-one ribbon cartridge saves time and eliminates the mess and expense of torn, wasted ribbons. Simply open the front panel, slide in the monochrome ribbon cartridge (choose from seven colors), close the panel and you're done. There's nothing to feed, nothing to fumble with, nothing to tear. And since the card cleaning roller is integrated into the ribbon cartridge, you automatically change the cleaning roller every time you change the ribbon. The Persona M30 ID Card Printer comes in both single- and dual-sided models. If you only need cards printed on one side, choose the compact, single-sided M30. But if you want the flexibility of printing on both sides ? to put a bar code on the back, for example ? opt for the dual-sided M30. Either way, you'll get one of the easiest-to-use ID card printers available: the Persona M30. The Persona M30 packs 30 years of printing technology development and experience into a simple, compact unit. It gives you outstanding performance and reliability at a much higher level than its price would suggest. When your organization needs a reliable, affordable monochrome ID card printer, the choice is simple Persona. Direct-to-card resin thermal transfer printing technology puts sharp, clear, text barcodes and graphics directly onto the surface of the plastic ID card.

Fargo M30 Specifications


The Persona M30 produces sharp monochrome printing in applications where single-colored cards or preprinted cards with monochrome variable text are needed,"? said Andy Vander Woude, Fargo Director of Product Marketing for Secure Printer/Encoders. "?It's an affordable alternative for those applications where full-color printing is not necessary, but personalized cards can add efficiency, security or functionality.

The Persona M30 is perfect for card programs such as:
• Loyalty programs
• Membership cards
• Banking applications
• Telecommunications
• K-12 schools
• Small business employee badges
• Visitor badges
• Parks and recreation
• Health care or insurance
• Casino cards
• Service bureau operations

Persona M30 Card Printer Features:
The Persona M30's easy-loading, all-in-one ribbon cartridge is available in seven colors:? resin black, green, blue, red, white, silver and gold. The cartridge saves time and eliminates the mess and expense of torn, wasted ribbons. A card-cleaning roller is integrated into the ribbon cartridge, automatically changing the roller with every new ribbon installation.

An optional magnetic stripe encoding module is available for added functionality.? The Persona M30 carries a two-year warranty.


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